Best Bar Slogan on Earth

March 25, 2010

Next time you have to market a bar, keep in mind the greatest ad slogan ever, for Herlinger, in Tel Aviv:

Check out Herlinger on Facebook.

Pimping the monies on Israeli news

March 1, 2010

Today was the holiday of Purim, where Jews traditionally dress up in costumes. Apparently, even the guests on Israel’s leading economic news program (Economic Night) dressed up.

Here is a pic of their stock analyst:

Yes, he kept the Israeli Money Pimp get-up on during the whole segment:

And when he was done delivering his pick of stocks for the week he brought out his Christian nun skanks singing “shekel, shekel bill, yall!”

Jerusalem is hot for erotic video on demand (VOD) action

February 24, 2010

Apparently, in a recent study of all video on demand content viewed by customers of the Israeli cable company HOT, Jerusalem viewers watch more erotic content than viewers in any other city in Israel. The most viewed content by Tel Aviv customers is documentary.

Take that, J-town!

The details were discussed on the evening’s economic news program, Economic Night, and posted to their Facebook page.

Israel is a small penis

February 22, 2010

Check out this pro-Israeli tourism ad. You will not be disappointed! And then read this blog post for everything I’d say on the matter.


July 29, 2009

A bar in Tel Aviv is not allowing Israeli soldiers to enter. Read the article in the Jerusalem Post. The next step will a bar in Israel that doesn’t allow Jews.

Israeli Independence Day

April 29, 2009

For a fun take on the awesomeness of freedom in Israel, check out Benji Lovitt’s blog post over at 61 more things I love about Israel. I counted about 7 references to doody. See how many you can catch!

My favorite thing: “I love the distant cousin of the shuk vendor, the guy outside the Arlozorov train station selling ‘baigeles.’ Apparently he gets paid to say baigele 568 times per minute without taking a breath. ‘BAIGELE BAIGELE BAIGELE!!!'”

Swine Flu in Israel Infects Government Ministers

April 28, 2009

Ben Hartman has a great piece in today’s Ha’Aretz newspaper about the sheer insanity of Israeli politics, how coalitions are put together, who runs our ministries and why we have nothing to do but laugh at the situation.

On what must have been a slow day at the Knesset, the de facto head of the Health Ministry, MK Yakov Litzman, stated Monday that swine flu would be from here on in referred to as “Mexican Flu,” as pork is non-kosher and considered unclean under Jewish law.

…While this may seem to be just the semi-weekly “Haredi government minister gone wild” comment that makes for great office banter, the truth is that it’s just one more in a series of state-sanctioned declarations by a government official that serves only to further humiliate Israel in the eyes of the world.