“sorry” אני ממש

Sometimes an expression of an Israelis’ high level of intelligence comes from their ability to incoporate English words and phrases into their Hebrew conversation. One of the most common is indeed “ani mamash sorry” which means “I’m really sorry.” Often this phenomenon can get pretty ridiculous though. Overheard:

“‘I’ll vouch for you’ זה משנקרא ” (It’s what’s called ‘I’ll vouch for you’)

The awkward accented English in the middle of an otherwise fluent sounding Hebrew conversation is what makes this funny. Send us some good ones if you hear them.

6 Responses to “sorry” אני ממש

  1. Vasago says:

    זה היה ממש great הפוסט הזה !!

  2. Liz says:

    Once, when I was in the middle of a final exam, I stepped out for a drink at the water fountain and ran into my professor. He asked me how things were going (everything is in Hebrew until further notice), and I responded so-so. So being an educated professor, he said (and with no attempt at an accent), “coold have been better?” What could I do? I responded, “כן, קולד האוו בין בטר.”

  3. Ethan says:

    I’ve never heard Sorry as part of a sentence, but it’s definitely used a lot. Even more-so, though, it thanks. AKA 10X. Which is fine in IMs between English speaking people. But when you translate it to Hebrew (where you don’t have a TH sound), the thanks becomes Tanks.
    So I do you a favor and you wish tanks upon me?! damn oppressing Jews!

  4. dlowbeer says:

    “Once”. It seems that it’s difficult to express the idea: “Once you’ve finished that, go get a cup of coffee.” So you end up with: וואנס סיימת את זה, לך לשתות כוס קפה.

  5. thejook says:

    um, ‘ba rega sh?’

  6. Warren says:

    I used to work with a guy who would use “once” and “then” in the middle of Hebrew sentences. I haven’t come across it again.

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