To park or not to park?

I love this country. I love the beaches and the lifestyle and the people and the culture…the food, the shopping, the climate, the Judaism…I love being here.

As we circled the city a hundred times looking for parking the other night, I had to take note that I really love the public parking lots here. Usually, the paid lots will let you in even if they know it’s full and then create a mess when they instruct you to just block someone else’s car.

Even better are the parking lots that have been designed with such care and expertise that when you reach the end of a row and realize it’s all full, you have to go in reverse to get out of that lane and back into the center where you have to go through the process again. I mean…how ingenious is it to create parking lots that don’t have lanes that flow from one into the next but rather force drivers to reverse down rows!? It’s great!!

Yeah…note the sarcasm.

But I really do love this country…for all the reasons in paragraph 1.
And I don’t yet drive here so the parking is kind of amusing for me.


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