3rd Annual JerusaLAME Winter Ball! Some (all) Tickets Still Available!

Not much into balls (‘cept m’own!).

Tomorrow’s 3rd Annual Jerusalem Winter Ball (yes that’s 4 adjectives modifying the word BALL) is kind of an ode to the staunchly non-integrated Anglo living (and whining, like more so than us) in Israel — these are people I and my fellow Zabajnikim here often turn our noses up at as they tend to be the ones who never learn Hebrew, never hang out with or date Israelis, and remain watered down transplanted Anglos for most of their lives. Call them “Americakim” if you want. Find them in Jerusalem. Lame. Jerusalame.


…And so that’s why I’m less than thrilled to oblige when solicited to join up this “Night of Dinner, Dancing, Drinks, and So Much More!” (more what, kosher?) This all from the www.jerusalemwinterball.com site they’ve devoted to the occasion (There’s a blog, people. Read all about the emergency meeting back in 2005 [“We were terrified”]).

My friends and I have been getting the hard sell lately from these people as the date approaches. Apparently it’s for charity, and apparently it’s the right thing to do, and apparently if they don’t sell enough tickets they’ll actually lose money. In that case, I assume, the children’s hospital or whatever they’re raising money for will just have to pony up the difference (kids: it’s called a part-time job).

So, sorry, but unless it’s to spike the parve non-dairy creamer with…dairy, I’m not gonna make it.

6 Responses to 3rd Annual JerusaLAME Winter Ball! Some (all) Tickets Still Available!

  1. Jacob says:

    Ouch! (but true)

  2. Kibalti Fak says:

    We’re gonna get hate mail for this one. No press is bad press.

    I prefer dinner, dancing, and drinks with my own balls. As the great Derrick Zoolander once said … “I can Derelict my own balls”

  3. Channahboo says:

    Hands up if you are too cool for the jtown ball… ha ha ha

    Ok that was a joke… Anyone wanna join the English girls for some curry instead?

  4. Liz says:

    So I went to the ball’s Web site, where it says it’s for all Jerusalem residents. Funny, I couldn’t find anything in Hebrew.

  5. eliesheva says:

    Hilarious. But, yes, ouch.

  6. Eli says:

    OMG!!!! Good that I just found your blog now or our friendship would have been over last month instead of this month!

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