Which way to the Q without a G-DAMN U?!!

israeli_sign.jpgThis sign is innocuous enough — trust me, there are many more scandalous than this one — I just haven’t been with a camera last time I drove by one (that’s gonna change). But please, do we live in Qatar or something? Last I checked we don’t use a Q without a U. I mean…K would have been just fine here. On some signs פתח תקווה is spelled with a K, so what gives (I won’t even start on that W)?

I shoudn’t fail to mention either that the Print Shop 2.0 airplane icon next to Petach Tikva (see!?) is great and all, except for the fact that THERE’S NO AIRPORT IN PETACH TIKVA.

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5 Responses to Which way to the Q without a G-DAMN U?!!

  1. Kibalti Fak says:

    hilarious … what else would they put on the sign? … an icon of a crappy apartment building?

  2. Ethan says:

    there’s nothing new about this. in fact, there’s legislation under way to solve this issue.
    (the talkbacks are great too)
    The cause for this type of spelling is the fact that in many places, signs are written in phonetic spelling, based on rules of transcript. However, these signs are meant to be in English, and will therefor be replaces with signs with proper English on them.
    So say goodbye to Hertzliyya (I kid you not), and hellow to Herzelia.

  3. wildroze22 says:

    ive always wondered about that airplane. throws us off everytime we try to get to the actual airport

    my favorite are the signs that have every place in the world, but are COMPLETELY off.

    like the one in kiyat gat, which points to chicago and Rio de Janeiro or something… in the same direction. well i guess they are… in a “go left or right” kind of way

  4. As a resident of Petah Tiqwa or was it Petach Tikva, how about פתח תקווה I protest the deraoatory comments made about my city!

    oh and if that sign is from the intersection I think its from, then it is saying the Natbag and PT are in the same direction.

  5. tail says:

    the Q’s really annoy me too. it’s everywhere! i mean, what’s the deal, K is not good enough for you people?
    israelis are morons. (this applies to myself as well)

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