Front axle, and of Course the *Rear* Front Axle

There’s a proper way to say ‘axle’ in Hebrew: It’s סרן.

Many choose to import the English word for it though — and fair enough; whatever makes them happy. Thus we have ‘Frant (sic) Axle.’ (פרנט אקסל). ‘Rear Axle,’ however…is a mess. It’s not simply ‘Rear Axle’ with a funny accent like we might expect. It’s in fact, ‘Frant (sic) Axle achori (rear)’ (פרנט אקסל אחורי). Thanks to Eitan for the tip.

3 Responses to Front axle, and of Course the *Rear* Front Axle

  1. Ethan says:

    first of all, it makes sense it wouldn’t be called a Rear axle, seeing how ריר is drool, or saliva. Even car mechanics have standards, I guess.
    Second, it’s pronounced Front, in hebrew too. פרונט. as you can see in this business listing:

  2. Ethan says:

    Snipped from an IM session with the Jook:
    “seeing how in Heb, axle and excel are spelled the same, the introduction of computers may have forced the industry to adopt the hebrew term, to avoid ambiguity”

    so this post may no longer be relevant, in 9 cases out of 10. but there’s still that occasional 10%…
    “…ציוד לכיוון פרונט (סרן קדמי ואחורי)”

  3. byfby says:

    Good site!!!

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