The Real Origin of Zabaj

I think its time you guys learned the origin of the word Zabaj.

I was hanging out with some friends in Dallas and we were admiring the healthiness of the girls at this bar. When we talk about people in Dallas, we talk in Hebrew cuz nobody speaks Hebrew in Dallas.

I have to give credit to Heimedelic Saso for translating “Junk in the Trunk” to “Zevel ba Bagaj.” After laughing about it all night, we realized that we just created a much lacking word in the Hebrew language.

It was my job to introduce it to the country. To all you Zabaj enlightened peeps … remember Saso and the Zabaj that he deals with daily.

One Response to The Real Origin of Zabaj

  1. […] blog too, although I didn’t find anything in there that he had written. Judging by Zabaj (an acronym for zevel ba bagaj – junk in the trunk), Israel is a funny and goofy country, that abounds not only […]

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