EskimosimLet’s talk about this picture. It’s for a new movie here in Israel called אסקימוסים בגליל which when pronounced is pronounced like “Eskimos-eem bah-gah-leel” and translates to “Eskimos-es in the Galil.” One eskimos or three eskimos-es . sound icon

But we started talking about it and we thought about how maybe they named it as such on purpose. Like maybe it’s a double meaning…not just Eskimos, but also referring to Moses — Eskimoses. Maybe the lead eskimo is a wandering Jew named Moses who was supposed to be in the Negev and somehow ended up in the Galil.

None of us has had the pleasure of screening it just yet…but as soon as one of us does, we’ll update you.

*Click on thumbnail to view full-sized image.

2 Responses to Eskimos-es

  1. Ethan says:

    I’m sorry, but this is just upsetting! your lack of knowledge of Hebrew leads to these erroneous assumptions that Hebrew got it wrong. A lot of Hebrew terms which originate from Latin, have an “us” suffix to them. see “dinosaurus”, “tirranosaurus”, “ocianus”, “antiochus”, and many more. Eskimo is one of them. Not all terms used in Hebrew originate from the relatively young language of English. Some come from its predecessors.

    And it’s Eskimosim BAGalil. not BE. as in Eskimos in THE Galilee.

  2. thejook says:

    Clearly our lovely Hebrew Post Office Worker / phonetic helps-a-lot pronounced it with a “ba.” Text snafu fixed.

    On the other hand, “eskimos” is *still* plural. Adding the “im” is *still* redundant. It’s not Latin; they should really just lose the ‘s’ and call it a day.

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