Napkins people, napkins!

Israelis don’t use, like or offer napkins ever. In most places you actually have to ask for napkins. This goes both for fast food places as well as while dining in someone’s home. I don’t know why but napkins just aren’t a part of normal life in Israel. More of than than not, if you want one, you have to ask. I just bought a nice crispy chicken sandwich from KFC and, of course, had to ask for napkins.

By the way, in Israel, this sandwich is called the “Zinger.” Of course, “zinger” is pronounded “zeen-gerrrrsound icon


2 Responses to Napkins people, napkins!

  1. Kibalti Fak says:

    Mini napkins are my favorite (sarcasm)! What is the deal with the napkins the size of one square of toilet paper? And why are they always wax covered? Do me a favor, and save some money by not stamping “Betehavon” on the napkin and make the napkin useable.

  2. Jacob says:

    For all that don’t know, my friend here is talking about the single most ubiquitous napkin in Israel – a tiny, white napkin, with “Betehavon” on it (which means “good appetite”). There must be some sort of tax benefit to places that use them because they really are everywhere.

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