He’s a Pooh!

This one, I just have to blame on the Anglos. Winnie the Pooh is a bear … and his name is Winnie … and he is a Pooh. I can see how the Israelis got it confused. What the frick is a Pooh anyway? Well, whoever got the rights for Winnie the Pooh in Israel made his name Pooh … Pooh the Bear – פו הדב. What happened to the Winnie who is a bear … and a Pooh?


3 Responses to He’s a Pooh!

  1. Shmuel Sokol says:

    My wife wanted to say that my grandfather was a cute little bear like whinne the poo so she who speaks french and hebrew said you grandfather is a poo!

  2. Kibalti Fak says:

    🙂 funny Israelis

  3. Yossele says:

    A Pooh, clearly has an ‘H’ at the end, it refers to an oh so humourous episode in which our hero Winnie was attempting to remove a fly from the end of his nose and repeatedly blew at it making a ‘Phoo’ or ‘Poohhh’ noise. This went on for some time and caused much amusement. so Christopher Robin named him ‘ Winnie the Pooh’ or also ‘Pooh – Bear’ ( a bear that makes a ‘Pooh’ sound).
    To all you sceptics I refer you to chapter 1 of winnie the pooh, and no, he could n’t use his hands because his arms were a bit stiff.
    Yes, I have no life to speak of.

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