Clean up after yourself!

Scattered around Tel Aviv, you can find yellow boxes filled with these. Slightly reminiscent of Bears it Matters to me, at the top it saysSaki Kaki

כי לנו אכפת – “Because it matters to us.”

The cheeziness doesn’t stop there.
Next it reads:

רחוב נקי מתחיל איתי – “A clean street starts with me.”

What would you call this brilliant piece of marketing. What else but “Saki Kakisound iconloosely translating to “baggy of poopy.” I love the graphic of the terrified shoe about to eat a steaming pile of kaki. The name has a great ring to it too … Saki Kaki. It sounds almost like a cocktail you would find at an Israeli/Japanese fusion restaurant … “I’ll take a Saki Kaki for the lady please.”

…check out the official site of Saki Kaki

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