FW: Fan Mail 1

Fellow Zabajnikit Maya sent us some of her feedback(im?), largely consisting of some more very Zabaj.com-esque observations. I strongly suspect this was lifted from one of the many FW: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: FW: FW: FW: RE: RE: – type e-mails we all get about Israel, but there’s some funny stuff in here nonetheless. Such as:

“You know you’re in Israel when you say you’re from Chicago and they say ‘Ah, Sheekago. Al Capone, ken?'”


“Gotta love the 70-year-old in the sweatshirt that says ‘Thirty and Sporty,’ or the 7-year-old girl with ‘Hello Boys’ on her tank top. Hello nothing! You’re 7!”

Kudos, Maya, keep up the Zi-buj (‘זיבוז).

One Response to FW: Fan Mail 1

  1. Maya says:

    You are absolutely right about a few of those being from a forward I received 6 years ago. I Some things never change.
    In other news: Yesterday while at the shuk, I noticed what could have been a terrible mistake. A pile of sweatshirts, floating in the river of fake Ralph Lauren polos and Billabong gear, I saw a hoodie with “Raper Man” ironed on to its front. Hmm…Raper Man?? It’s a good thing the English language has a few tricks up her sleeve, which allows for this not to be just a Zabaj.com-esque mistake but one with a shudder. Perhaps if I ever notice an acid wash denim jacket with “Rapist” on the back, I shall congratulate the designer for having such a solid grasp on the complicated English language.

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