Hi-tech hebrification

Israelis that work in the hi-tech sector have become extremely lazy. On top of the general laziness of ordering in lunch, sitting in a chair for 10 hours straight, and IMing your cubicle mate instead of talking, Israeli hi-tech workers have really become lazy with their Hebrew by taking English words and hebrefying them by adding a “le” (lamed) in front.

Here are some classic examples:

Hi-tech Hebrew English Real Hebrew (from Babylon)

לקנפג (le-kan-feg) to configure לעצב

לסמלץ (le-sam-lets) to simulate לחקות

לרנדר (le-ren-der) to render להפוך; להביא למצב

לקדד (le-kah-ded) to code לרשום בצופן

The list is endless… For more giggles here is a detailed IT English-Hebrew Glossary. Check it.

3 Responses to Hi-tech hebrification

  1. Ethan says:

    you got a couple of those slightly wrong:
    to render: le-ran-der.
    to code: le-co-ded
    seeing how the word code has beed absorbed by our language, I think this on’e kinda okay

  2. Alon says:

    Not sure if these belong here, but I was reminded of one of many blunders my friend Guy made in his travels to the US.

    In bookstore looking for a Dr. Seus book for his wife, “Emm, do you have Dr. Horse book”
    Trying to explain to someone at work what “kruvit” is, he said “you know, its the female cabbage”

  3. YossiD says:

    And let’s not forget le-pa-def – to convert a document to PDF. Very common with us technical writers.

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