Wanna hear something funny? Ask an Israeli to say Massachusetts …


Take 1:

Take 2:

Take 3:

Take 4 (not gettin’ anywhere with this damn thing):

8 Responses to Machatuchetts

  1. Jon A says:

    Awww man that cracks up me. Being from Massachusetts, I’ve had to deal with this Israeli affliction my whole life. It’s most often “mattatutets.”

  2. Jacob says:

    Is it just me or does “take 4” sound different every time you play it?

  3. AlmondDread says:

    Speaking of Massachusetts (in the house)…

    Have you ever heard Israelis say Harvard? The most common ones are 1.Awar (ah-wahr) and 2.Arvar (ar-vahr).

    This is no joke.

  4. Typical Israeli says:

    Gotta admit, I’m one of them. For me it’s “Masatutes”
    To bad i can’t upload a recording, you would have cracked up.

  5. N.O says:

    I want to see all of you talking hebrew well.
    I have heared people that talking english try to talk hebrew and it was more funny.

  6. a proud israeli says:

    hey guys i am an israeli and i can pronounce massachusetts pretty well.

  7. dana says:

    do you think amarican accent in hebrew sounds better?

  8. Alon says:

    Now seriously, as an israeli i get the same type of laugh when i hear americans trying to speak hebrew.

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