What car do you drive?

Official Mitsubishi spellingI won’t get into the various stigmas or classifications done here in Israel according to the car you drive. That is a completely separate Zabaj post. However, on top of having to deal with that, since I drive a Mitsubishi (מיצובישי) I also have to hear it mispronounced and mis-spelled a lot, including at the official Mitsubishi garage I take my car to be fixed at.

The most popular is Mitsibushi/מיציבושי (mee-tsee-boo-shee)

Followed by Mitsubushi/מיצובושי (mee-tsoo-boo-shee)

You’ll find it misspelled like this on any and all of the car selling sites including Yad2 and MyCar.

This is so widespread that even in the official Israel Trade & Commerce publications they seem to be making these mistakes, writing Mitsibushi” on their English-language list of Australian car manufacturers.

Is it cuz they associate it with Japan and the word sushi?

3 Responses to What car do you drive?

  1. First of all, I love your blog — thanks for it!

    Here’s another theory on this one — there’s a word for ‘kitty cat’ that Israelis use — ‘Mitzi’, as in ‘Bo-i mitzi, mitzi, mitzi !’ So it’s a short jump from that to mitzi-bushi.


  2. Ethan says:

    I think it’s due to the fact Mitsubishi is made of 4 syllables. all rather odd in Hebrew. 3 of them have an EE sound to them (you don’t have the soft i sound in Hebrew, so mits = meats).
    We all know there’s an OO in there somewhere, but we can’t always recall where. and once you’re that lost, maybe there’s actually more than one.

  3. Warren says:

    I”ve heard people say mishibushi, I think they’re changing it to include the word שיבוש (mistake).

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