The FIRE is free!

Ever read your bill in a restaurant? You should…you’re bound to catch some funny stuff.

We ordered 477 shecks worth of sushi and the restaurant gave us some free FIRE. I’m not so sure what the FIRE was, but thank G-d they didn’t charge us for it.

I took a picture of it with my crappy cell phone camera. See for yourself …

The FIRE is free

*Click on thumbnail for full-sized image.

10 Responses to The FIRE is free!

  1. Ethan says:

    Impressive. What other elements can you get for free? How’s the water at that place? and the air?

  2. Maybe they were thinking about charging you for the candles on the table?

    And speaking of fire, I have been asked for a “light,” in English, with the following phrase: “Do you have fire?” (=יש לך אש?). Dead serious.

  3. Alon says:

    Don’t forget the “english” prices vs. the “hebrew” ones. About 5 years ago I took my now wife to a fish restaurant in Yaffo (I’m thinking it may have been Yellow). Me and my 3 Israeli friends got menus in Hebrew, she got an English menu. Same fish on both menus but in English it was 15 shekel more. We ordered the Hebrew speaking fish…

  4. thejook says:

    Well if the service isn’t included, SOMETHING equally imaginary ought to be…

  5. Kibalti Fak says:

    I think they were implying that the dining experience doesn’t include service. Thtat’s why they typed it in English.

  6. Ben says:

    right. the service is so bad, they *deduct* 15% on parties of 6 or more.

  7. AlmondDread says:

    I happened to be in this restaurant last night. It’s the Sushi Bar on Bazel 🙂 And i had the same thing! So I easked the waitress what it means, and she says she doesnt know why it apepared on the bill. It is an ‘order’ for the waiters to bring out the food or something.

  8. Kibalti Fak says:

    Did they charge you anything for the FIRE, or did you get it for free, too?

    Sushi Basel is great. Not only do they have the best FIRE, but I haven’t found a place with a better deal on FIRE in all of North Central Tel Aviv (more specifically the Basel area).

  9. AlmondDread says:

    She definitely lit my fire.. And for FREE!

  10. Britt says:

    Hi as an ex-waitress i can give you the professional point of view:
    The FIRE is an order sent by the waiter to the kitchen when the table has finished the appetizers so they should be ready for the main dish 🙂


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