File Under “Only in Israel”

So, I’m walking from my car to a cafe today after work, and I see a haredi man in full garb nonchalantly puke (loudly) in broad daylight on the sidewalk. He then went about his way as if nothing had happened.

I was about to go photograph the puke, but, well, you get the idea.

Anyway, with plenty of bushes and other assorted foliage along the way, I’m not sure why he had to puke *POW* right in the middle of the sidewalk.

Only in Israel…

6 Responses to File Under “Only in Israel”

  1. Smadar says:

    now that’s just annoying. how can you say “Only is Israel…” ??
    Let’s forget about the fact that he’s ‘haredi’ for a moment.
    There are weird people everywhere. Or should I call it- people that are less fortunate.
    I can imagine it was disgusting to witness, but you can’t take it personally and say all israelis are like that (I don’t know if you meant it, but that’s what people might understand from what you wrote), or that all israelis see that as normal.
    I wish you looked at your own country and see you have so much more trash going on than we do.

  2. thejook says:

    a) this *is* my own country
    b) where *else* would you see a haredi man puke in the middle of the street?

  3. Smadar says:

    I didn’t know you live in Israel. You’re not exactly helping the world’s opinion on Israel.
    And you can definitely see people puke in the middle of the street, or worse, all over the world. So what if he’s haredi? The people of this community are not all saint and perfect.

  4. Liron Newman says:

    Puking in the middle of the street pretty disgusting, and I would probably say it was incredibly rude if there wasn’t a time when I did it myself – I was ill and I came out of the doctor’s office and in a moment, I just HAD to puke. There was no way to hold it in or go to the nearest bush or do anything but crouch and hope I don’t splatter myself. A nice lady who saw that even asked me if I were ok (Which I was, expect for the puking part). I think that if it would happen to someone, he would feel sorry for people who need to puke in the middle of the street and not anything else – It was very unpleasant and embarrassing.

    As for the way writing this makes Israel look – I don’t think we should always consider “What would the neighbors say?”. If it’s facts, then there’s no reason to hide them. However, I wouldn’t say this is an Israeli issue, as I’ve never seen it happen myself, or even heard about something like this happening, expect for when I did it myself and in this post.

  5. thejook says:

    Aw man, for the last time:


    I think it was slightly misrepresented in the Nana article but read carefully and that’s what I’m referring to.

    I don’t imply that Israelis IN GENERAL puke in the middle of the sidewalk. As was said, it’s unlikely they’d reach the blood alcohol level to do so 😛

  6. Eliram says:

    Not only in Israel

    8 Montgomery Avenue, West Pittston


    (Yeah, I know you only meant “Haredi”, but it was easy to misunderstand).

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