Ve Gaits da Fashtunkeneh Puncher Makher

It’s really funny when English gets thrown into the Hebrew vocabulary. It’s really really ridiculously funny when Yiddish becomes part of the conversational Hebrew Vocabulary.

The word most commonly used for “flat tire” is Puncher (Puncture) –


It would just make too much sense to call a tire shop by the Hebrew term … חנות צמיגים (Khanut Tzmigim). What do you think a tire repair shop should be called in Hebrew … a תיקוני צמיגים (Tikuneh Tzmigim)? Or maybe a half Hebrew/half Yiddish phrase … תיקוני פאנצ’רים (Tikuneh Puncherim)?

I’m not sure what Ben Yehuda was thinking, but in Hebrew they translate the Repair Shop to Yiddish too.

פאנצ’ר מאכר – Puncher Makher

That’s the funniest thing since I searched “De Gantzeh Megilleh” at Google Yiddish.

4 Responses to Ve Gaits da Fashtunkeneh Puncher Makher

  1. Or the more common פאנצ’ריה (Panchereeya).
    I’ve heard the word פאנצ’ר used to connote a general excuse for tardiness, with nothing to do with flat tires.

  2. Ben says:

    I just heard a Yiddish Led Zeppelin cover band do a great version of “Punch’er Mak’her.”

  3. anthony blanche says:

    had you been an old “palestinenzer” born during the mandate you’d have known פנצ’ר comes from “puncture” which is english for the american flat tire and has nothing to do with yiddish. there are plenty of others such as the מסטינג you use in the field in the army which is a “mess tin” and the אגזוז in your car which is the “exhaust” – don’t know the americanese for that and had a difficult time in new haven conn looking for a petrol station until i realised it was a gas station also couldn’t find the lift in my hotel and had to take the elevator. bloody colonials.

  4. Doron Hirsch says:

    הנברקס hand brake
    windshield wipers ווישרים
    crankshaft קרנשפט
    שטרודל @
    יש בשפע

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