On de face

Ever wonder how in the world the expression “על הפנים” (al-ha-panim) came to be the #1 expression to use when something sucks? In English, it means, “on the face” (wiz izraeli accent – ‘on de fayce’).

Please help me solve this riddle.

5 Responses to On de face

  1. Kibalti Fak says:

    From what I heard, it comes from … falling on your face … which is the worst part of your body to fall on.

  2. Thats also what I always assumed. Falling flat on your face.

  3. Netanya Hoffman says:

    I have actually heard people describing things – in English – as “on the face.”

  4. yoan says:

    Check this out:

    That’s on the face…

  5. dafuck says:

    it actually comes from de rhyme to de question “ma inyanim?” (“what’s up?”), it goes like: “ma inyanim? – al hapanim”, where “on de face” part means “read it on my face”

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