Well now…that’s not very nice!

When an Israeli is frustrated and has “had enough,” you’ll hear him or her exclaim “די!” which means “Enough!” and when pronounced, sounds like “DIE!”

If you listen closely, you will hear this expression quite a lot in one day…at the supermarket when someone’s toddler won’t stop begging for Bisli or at the bus stop when kids are being nudniks…or perhaps at a stop light when a young lady is fussing at her boyfriend who doesn’t know when to leave her alone.

For someone who isn’t familiar with Hebrew, it appears as if everyone walks around Israel telling people to die. Talk about shocking!

What will be really shocking is when the olim go back to their hometowns for a visit and as soon as they get frustrated with their nagging parents or annoying siblings, they’ll exclaim, “די!” out of habit…it probably won’t go over very well!

One Response to Well now…that’s not very nice!

  1. Merel says:

    vewy vewy funny

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