Everything’s Cheddar Cheese

Just like with “zabaj,” its always fun to create new Israeli slang. Another invention of our’s is a slight twist on two popular phrases: “hakol beseder” and “beseder gamur,” which translate to “everything’s ok” and “perfectly ok.” I proudly present:

הכל בצ’דר and בצ’דר גמור (“hakol bechedder” and “bechedder gamur)

As you might imagine, we delighted in recognizing the phonetic similarities between “cheddar” and “beseder” in Hebrew. Even thought it doesn’t make any sense – “everything’s cheddar” and “perfectly cheddar” – we stand behind our new slag. So

next time you’re out and the waiter asks you if everything’s ok, tell him everything’s perfectly cheddar.

3 Responses to Everything’s Cheddar Cheese

  1. Ethan says:

    This can work!
    Israel’s No. 1 role models, Eretz Nehederet have a weekly skit where they show a typical Israely family doing things in an Israeli manner (rude, loud, selfish & ignorant. yes, that’s how we perceive ourselves…). Among their recurring lines, we have מצ’עמם לי. I am bored, with the accent of an ars who’s face is half numb. this phrase has cought on, an can be heard all over.
    Switching the ש with a צ’ is therefor sen as cool slang. Your’s בצ’דר גמור can actually catch on.
    I’ll be doing my part.

  2. Daniel says:

    I like “ma inyanot” instead of “ma inyanim”. It seems so … gender neutralising.

  3. martin says:

    I’ve heard “הכול בסודר” for years. Though now that I think of it, for the sake of my kids who are huge TMNJ fans I should try הכול בשרדר

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