Frequent Rip-Off Club


I get the idea of “preferred shopper” card programs at supermarkets. Yes, it’s annoying to fill out the forms, but you can get special deals and generally save money this way. The store benefits by being able to exercise some price discrimination, collect info about you and your shopping habits, and give you good reason to keep coming only to them.

Israel, being the country it is, decides they’ll also charge you for this. Usually some nominal fee that really has no basis in anything. That’s balls. You’re paying so they can track everything you buy and get you to shop there more. Splendid.

Ditto for El Al . Sorry, but I just can’t see what they’re making from the $15 fee it costs to sign up. It’s just annoying really; and for something that essentially should pay for itself in good marketing for the company, how do they justify also charging me for it?

What’s next? I get asked to fill out a survey in the mall and they send me a bill?

Why don’t I just go f*ck myself?

2 Responses to Frequent Rip-Off Club

  1. eran says:

    Well, you’re right of course. But just for the sake of fairness here’s their side of it. Once it was free, and Israelis, being Israelis said, well if it’s free, give me two, so anyone that once in his lifetime stepped on El Al’s plane subscribed to their club, even if it was only a flight from natbag to tel aviv. So those $15 are sort of a reflex to the Israeli’s “Eynaim Gdolot” phenomena (ref. size of plates in Israelis buffet servings)
    But anyway, El Al are crap 🙂

  2. eliesheva says:

    Ha… Eran makes sense. And when I pay for something, I tend to value it more and actually use it. But yeah, I might as well go f*ck myself, too.

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