I’ll trade you a pacifier for that cigarette!?!

This is a cute little children’s book. I found it at a book store in Tel Aviv.

If you can’t read the Hebrew it says … “My Pacifier, Daddy’s Pacifier”


Above: Hebrew something like this … “Here exactly how it looks. Me and Daddy after a meal. Sitting together on the blue couch. Playing and Pampering. Each one with his own treat. Me with my pacifier that I call Tzetzi and Daddy with his cigarette that he sometimes calls the After Cigarette (I think he means after a meal)”

Above: Hebrew … “suddenly Daddy says: Tell me son, you are already 4, isn’t it time you quit your pacifier? It is making your teeth crooked. It’s always between your lips. It’s really dangerous to your health”

Below:Look, It’s father and son play-time with the cigarettes.

Below:Let’s switch pacifiers, Wooohoo. What!?

Below:Cigarette flavored Pacifier, anyone?

Above:This book is actually about teaching a kid to quit his pacifier while his dad quits cigarettes. It was written by a PSYCHOLOGIST, a professor of psychology from the University of Tel Aviv. I hope this doctor gets his license revoked.

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