A Hypothetical Conversation With Ivri Lider


So, last weekend a friend of mine had a birthday party at a popular Ahad Ha’am bar. One of her friends is apparently dating Ivri Lider, who was in attendance unbeknown to me. He was sitting against the wall in the room we had reserved — most definitely looking like a rock star — but if someone hadn’t told me who he was I probably wouldn’t have made the connection. Which brings up a funny hypothetical conversation that very well could have happened if nobody had told me and I had, well, gotten a little drunker:

Jook: Hey, what’s up.

Ivri: Hi.

Jook: So, who do you know here?

Ivri: …

Jook: K. Um, so, what do you do?

Ivri: I’m in music.

Jook: Oh really? Me too! Have you heard Kojakabana or La Chaka-

Ivri: No. Haven’t.

Jook: Aw man, sucks. I have this studio even, you should check it out. I used to be in this band in the States too…we played the House of Blues a few times. You ever played there?

Ivri: No, I’m mostly–

Jook: Aw sh*t man, it was cool. Like, over a thousand people. Well, anyway, good luck with the music thing and if you wanna jam sometime get my number from [name omitted]!

8 Responses to A Hypothetical Conversation With Ivri Lider

  1. Ethan says:

    oh yeah, well I saw Moni Mushonov walking down the blvd on Friday!
    small city…

  2. Jacob says:

    It is sort of freeing to basically not recognize any celebrity in Israel at all. like you, I could sitting right next to the “Israeli Steven Spielberg” and have no clue. Of course here the celeb culture is very different. Even the biggest stars still need day jobs because its not like anyone makes $20 million to star in an Israeli movie. They usually have to bring their own borekasim to the craft services…

  3. israluv says:

    i did recognize ivri at the bar (I love his music) ….. but the other lovely ladies i was with had no idea who he was. .. nice to see a large israeli muscician lacking the whole bodyguard thing and just chilling.

  4. inusid says:

    ivri lider dating a woman?
    he is gay and out of the closet. publicly so. front-pages-of-the-haaretz-weekend-section-so.

  5. thejook says:

    Who said it was a woman?

  6. Ben says:

    Haaa…I went to Ivri’s site. His cover
    of Knights in White Satin is just breathtaking (-ly gay). This is all
    it takes to be an Israeli pop star? Butchering an already bad song?
    (“knights in white setiiin(s)…”)

  7. evelyne says:

    my brother was in eilat,it was his irst time in israel,we are rench.he went in a bar in the evening Rami Kleeinstein was singing!at the end o the concert my brother went to see him and told him:i dont know a lot in misic but it seems to me that you are verry good you shoud try to meet people that can help you to carry on in that job!!and the singer told him BUT I AM RAMI KLEINTEIN! and my brother ansewrs ok but dont stay singing in bars try to make a carier!

  8. Lars says:

    I went to the cinema a few weeks ago and there I saw the movie: The Bubble. I really liked it and especially the soundtrack. So I had to look here were a life (Belgium, a small country in Europe) to buy that album and I succeeded! I didn’t know Ivri Lider, but now I know. Beautiful voice and beautiful guy. Yes, it must be great to meet him, unfortanetely, I’m sure I will never meet him in a bar here in Belgium!

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