The United State of America

A classic mistake that Israeli make when speaking English is – for whatever reason – leaving off the “S” at the end of word that should end with one.

Get used to hearing Israeli talking about flying on airplane (American Airline?) to place like Fairbank, Alaska and Saint Peterburg, Russia, after graduating from Tuft university.

Share your S-less word in the comment section…

2 Responses to The United State of America

  1. not exactly the same, but Israelis like adding the plural onto words that are already plural

  2. Correctomundo says:

    The reason they say Saint Peterburg is because in Russian, there is no “s” in the name. And as you know, Israelis usually adopt the pronunciation of the country where the city, river, mountain is. So, to be honest, it should actually be Sankt Peterburg, but I guess this is where they get confused between 3 languages 🙂

    As for other mistakes, they are quite ridiculous.

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