They Want Me to Bring a Cake? YOU Bring a Cake.


Another post about “Zabaj @ the Workplace.”

Birthdays come about once a year ’round here in Yisroel; they’re commemorated at the workplace with a cake and presents just like they would be anywhere else.

Except, there’s a small twist: for some reason, the person having the birthday is responsible for his own g-damn cake. Like, what, I go to the bakery and tell the guy to write “Happy Birthday to ME?” And so you have to remember to go get a cake (kosher too, in most cases) and bring it to work — and what if you take a bus? Like, they want me to carry a cake on the bus? You take a bus.

Annen, I forget my cake, and everyone is ready, and now I’m the asshole. On my own birthday. Splendid.

3 Responses to They Want Me to Bring a Cake? YOU Bring a Cake.

  1. israluv says:

    happy birthday mr. jook….. it sounds like your back in pre-school where the birthday boy has to bring his own treats to school and g-d forbid the kid brings in fruit or healthy snacks instead of junk food.

  2. Eli says:

    Buy a cake? Here we are expected to bake it ourselves and not just one…a selection and then the whole day will be spent discussing and exchanging recipes blah blah blah. They honestly believe that come pay review time your baking abilities will be taken into account…

  3. eliesheva says:

    The first time I learned this fact of life in Israel I was in school… a Masters course in university… and these 30-somethings are bringing in cakes and candies for themselves.

    Maybe I’m just not big on birthdays.

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