Coming from Texas, I’m used to hearing “dubya” for the letter W.

In the Hi-tech world in the English, we shortened “www” to “dub dub dub” — it’s just easier to say.

Israelis in the Hi-tech world shorten it to “wah wah wah.”

wah wah wah? wah wah wee wah!

2 Responses to Dubya

  1. Ethan says:

    can Double-U Double-U Double-U be simply replaces with Hexa-U? I think that’s a lot simpler to say, and conveys the meaning,
    Or Triple-U Triple-U, if you prefer. Same thing.

  2. AlmondDread says:

    ANd if you are working with Russians here in Israel it turns into “double, double, double”….Almost like a Thanksgiving turkey “gobble gobble”

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