Ass pop-ups

As a follow-up to our “Have a nice ass” posting about the new ad campaign by Crocker… we now see they’ve taken their campaign to the web (which is on computers now, apparently) in the form of pop-up ads on Israeli websites. Check out the screen-shot below, inviting people to peak at the girl’s ass… classy!

Ass popup

2 Responses to Ass pop-ups

  1. Ethan says:

    looks like they have webcams in select stores, and you can pose live so the world can see you’re an easy target for advertisers, easily lured by silly gimmics like webcams.
    and what are these “pop-up ads” you speak of? didn’t those get extinct years ago? oh, wait, you’re still using internet explorer… dude! add the adBlock and Flashblock add-ons, and you’ll have seen the last of those annoyances ever.

  2. I ARE ISRAELI says:

    what more disturbing is the text on that forum in the site.
    regardless of the situation, that bitch can’t even operate a dvd.

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