Israelis. Wine. New York. Passover.

WineComing to you live from New York with an on-the-scene Zabaj exclusive…

If you know anything about Israelis and alcohol you know the two don’t really go together. Although Israelis love going out late and partying to “black music” (that’s how hip-hop is called in Hebrew) they don’t really drink much alcohol. Israelis don’t know how to drink and don’t like drinking. Their idea of drinking is to go out with a big group, share a single Bacardi Breezer (or Smirnoff Ice) and drink from it out of a straw. They usually just make it through half the bottle and take the rest as a “take away” order.

Armed with this knowledge I had a funny experience in New York right as Passover came to an end. Having gone out for dinner to a nice Italian restaurant, I was seated next to two Israeli girls. When they finished eating and flirting with the waiter they left… and left on the table two full glasses of wine. It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so typical, and sad.

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  1. Liron Newman says:

    Who are those alcohol-hating Israelis you hang out with? Not average Israelis, that’s for sure. Maybe I only know Tsfonim Tel-Aviviim but from what I see, almost all of my friends love beer, and occasionally wine or something harder. That is unfortunate for me, because I hate the flavor of alcohol, and my friends laugh at me because I just feel all kinds of beer are bitter and not much more. And my club-going friends are even worse.

    BTW, you can listen to the radio and hear all the ads against drunk driving… I wish your observations were true and that wasn’t a problem here.

    Also, about the “black music” thing… Who calls it that? Really? Maybe only people above 35. I think everyone just says “hip hop” but that sounds natural to you so you just don’t notice it, as opposed to “black music”. And I’m sorry if it sounds condescending, it’s just that I really rarely hear that phrase and that’s the only explanation I can think of…

  2. You can visit or and do a search for clubs…and if you search by music type, it’s usually listed as שחורה.

  3. Liron Newman says:

    Good thing I never use these sites. 🙂 Nice to know, anyway. Anyway, to my ears it sounds a bit archaic.

  4. Liron Newman says:

    I was told by someone that the phrase “black music” is used more often than I think, so I hereby correct myself.

    BTW, *this* is Israeli:

  5. Eyal says:

    The part about alcohol is simply rubbish! Every evening in Israel pubs are getting filled with many people drinking alcoholic beverages. I don’t know where you got the idea that we don’t like alcohol in Israel, and who are the people you hang out with, but this is simply a falsity.

    Most pubs usually serve at least 3 different types of draft beers, and there is a great place in Tel Aviv which has 18 (!) draft beers. Many people also enjoy stronger beverages such as whiskey or brandy, and many others enjoy different cocktails.

    Wines are also very popular in Israel, and we have a few great wineries such as Carmel and Golan.

    You would also find many shelves at supermarkets dedicated to alcoholic products (single beer-bottles and six-packs, many wines, etc.), not to mention liquor stores which are quite common, and the average Israeli coming back from abroad with at least one bottle of an alcoholic beverage from the Duty Free.

    And by the way, the term מוזיקה שחורה (black music) refers not only to hip-hop, but also to R&B, soul music, and generally any music performed by African-American artists.

  6. Hannah says:

    * chortles with mirth *
    I think you opened a can o’ worms with that one, Jacob. 😀 But funny, too, and I think I agree with you. (Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Israel) However, I do know several Israeli’s and/or many people who’ve been there and they drink crap. Or worse…Manischewitz! * hehe*

  7. lily says:

    u hang with the wrong ppl man ..u should open ur eyes a bit more..

  8. Yuval says:

    Dude… were do you hang out? if anyone can’t hold their liqour It’s Americans… you should really get out more often….

  9. Noa Sivan says:

    funny…but not thrue.
    maby these two israeli girls didn’t dranke their wine, but i promise u- if u will come to israel to the righet places u will see that you wrong.

  10. israeli says:

    Some thing you should keep in mind: Although in English the phrase “black music” sounds derogatory, it is not so in Hebrew. Because there has never been a large black community in Israel (although that’s starting to change), expressions like that are regarded as non-offensive.

  11. Amerian says:

    I have been several times in Israel and they do have good drinking habits and the israeli do drink good stuff. They have in every little store that are called kyosk (every 150 meter you can find one like supermarket just smaller) a variety of alcoholic drinks: beers, Martini, brandy, vodka and many many more.
    When I visited in Israel me and my israeli friends almost every night have gone out and drank until dawn and we returned home drunk and wasted man it was good!!

  12. thejook says:

    Amerian: Pitzuz’n it, huh?

    Yeah that’s a favorite pastime of mine as well. I don’t think they take advantage of it the way we do though…

  13. Amerian says:


  14. Tal says:

    *laugh at you* we can drink from the age of 18 while you cant even get porn with out getting intro trouble before the age of 21… and Isralies do drink allot, at least the clubers.

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