THAT’S where you can buy them!

In case you were looking for homos…they can be purchased at this kiosk in Jerusalem.

You know…Felafel, shawerma…and homos.

homos for sale

I hear they go great with pita.

If you’re looking for HUMMUS though…you gotta find another kiosk.

*Shout out to my favorite fellow prairie dog lover for the photo credit.

6 Responses to THAT’S where you can buy them!

  1. Liron Newman says:

    Heh 🙂 Note the small E in “STEAK”. Someone must have told them it’s not STAK….

  2. […] case you’re wondering where you could buy one, Shirat HaSirena over at Zabaj has the inside scoop on hot, fresh HOMOS! This sign was spotted in Jerusalem. I assume the sign […]

  3. J says:

    It looks like they spelled “Falafel” correctly in that sign.

  4. […] Zabaj, once again for your sharp eye and so-evil-it’s-good sense of […]

  5. Luzy says:

    I Love “Homos”, it does go wonderfuly with Pita!

    *your blog is famouse at*


  6. I ARE ISRAELY says:

    god damn anal-phabetic arabs.

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