Fun Times @ EEEKea

Ikea, that is.*

Is the cafeteria that good? I’m used to waiting in Soviet breadlines for most things around here, but should it really extend to the g-damn mediocre Ikea cafeteria? Observe:


Even the guys in the poster on the wall seem to be impatiently waiting to get some hummus flavored Jello. Jeez.

One good thing I gotta mention about Ikea in Israel tho:


At least I can get drunk and furnish my apartment for what should be cheaper furniture as I remember it being in N. America but is just expensive cheap crap.

*Language police disclaimer: yes I know that it’s probably pronounced EEkea in Sweden and in Israel it’s pronounced more correct than in America blah blah blah. It’s just funny to hear it called EEkea, okay?

2 Responses to Fun Times @ EEEKea

  1. Ethan says:

    The reason for branding it here as EEkea is the same reason for which the Kia car is pronounced Kaya – because the way they’re meant to be pronounced – Keeya – is Vomit. Good luck selling that to a nation of cynics.

  2. chris says:

    Actually, it’s pronounced ee-KAY-ah in Sweden. It’s Ingmar Kamprad (owner/founder) Elmtaryd Agunnaryd (two villages in Småland, Sweden, where it all started).

    Heh. Couldn’t resist. I enjoy your website though, I’m Dutch and came to live in Israel by way of six years in Sweden, so I can identify with many things you’re writing.

    Difference between you and me being that I haven’t learnt a damn word of Hebrew yet. I guess I’m more of an expat here. Which is a shame, because it only took me 3 months to learn Swedish.

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