Pizza For You a Bargain!

When you think about language as much as I do, there’s lots to ponder and chuckle at. For me, this is especially true in Israel, where I know the language, but always break the words down as I read, into roots and structures, discerning the meaning behind the meaning. And I love Israeli slang, idiom and phraseology. I just love it to the point of shiga’on.

And then I came across this, what I consider to be the best name for a pizza joint anywhere.

israel-partying-july-2007-00009-small.jpg Pizza kim’at chinam (translation: “almost free pizza”). That is such cultural perfection that I don’t even know how to stop talking about how much I love it. It takes the “for you, a bargain!” sensibility of shopping in the shuk and applies it to pizza. I pictured the pitch meeting in my head.

Israeli #1: How do we convey that our product is affordable?
Israeli #2: We could give it away on the street…
Israeli #3: Tembel! We’re not giving anything away! We need people to buy it!
Israeli #1: Right…but maybe we could make them think about free stuff by saying it’s almost free.
Israeli #2: You mean like calling it “almost free pizza”?
Israeli #3: No, I’ve got it! We’ll call it “almost free pizza!”
Israeli #1: That’s genius…that way people will think about pizza and think about things that are almost free!
Israeli #2: Sigh.

I’ve never been inside to taste the pizza paradise, because that would ruin the magic. It’s like admiring something from afar and never doing anything about it, which I totally support as a lifestyle choice.

I do genuinely enjoy being in Israel. But let’s just say it’s the little things like this that make me fall in love.

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5 Responses to Pizza For You a Bargain!

  1. Dubi K says:

    You might be familiar with the supermarket chain called Half Free (Hatzi Khinam), based on the same notion. What’s really funny though is that at some point a competitor came that wanted to show how they’re even cheaper, so they called themselves “reva khinam” (a quarter free)… Brilliant.

  2. Daniel b.s. says:

    The pizza, as the sign sais, is half free…Eat it, and you will pay in a different way…

  3. Tal S. says:

    In Jerusalem there is a big sign near Jaffa gate that reads “Free Parking” in front of a parking garage. It draws you in, and then you read the fine print once you are at the gate, where the first 30 minutes are free… 🙂

  4. Aviv says:

    The pizza is actually nice, I’ve tried it in Rehovot and Ramat-Gan. The size is identical to Pizza Hut, and the taste totally worth’s 20 NIS.

  5. ck says:

    Sorry, but the pizza is crap – a veritable culinary blight. I mean you get what you pay for, you know? Very little cheese, tomato flavored water for the sauce – it’s basically pizza flavored bread, and poorly flavored at that. I think they had this “pizza” in mind when they came up with the term “empty calories.” But this is the Jewish state and Jews love a bargain, even if it’s only a perceived bargain, judging by all the people lined up at their Jerusalem location. It’s like all the Mivtzas advertised everywhere wherein the price isn’t discounted at all – they just slap a Mivtsa sign on it to give everyone Jew-woodies.

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