Reason I Sometimes Think About Moving #29082

This is a follow up on Shirat HaSirena’s post on the Crocker jeans campaign that somehow, defying all logic and taste, still seems to be running strong on 9,000,000,000,00m x 10,000,000,000m billboards across Tel Aviv.


1) Who you callin’ a cracker, 2) I’ll sit if I damn well please, and 3) PLEASE can’t they have people who speak English read these things before they make giant nonsensical billboards out of them?!

And wow way to be extra edgy and hip by making the ‘O’ in your brand name…wait for it…a *RADIOACTIVE* symbol. Oooh wear these jeans and you’ll be so cool and ATOMIC. I can almost picture the smoked out, Fraggle Rock red-dyed Henna hair marketing twit that came up with this ridiculous slogan. “Ze cacha omrim — hev a nize day — omrim hav a nice azzz” (undeserved applause by all in the boardroom).

P.S. the word ‘ass’ should never be larger than 72pt. Ever.

9 Responses to Reason I Sometimes Think About Moving #29082

  1. Ethan says:

    it’s actually Crocker – with an O, not an A.
    Though you make me wonder how many other people misread it, and miss the company’s branding efforts. not that it matters, because when those people go to the mall to buy Cracker jeans, someone’s sure to point out to them that it’s Crocker. And people who succumb to crude advertising campaigns are used to being wrong and corrected by others anyway.

    On a side note, it seems like is available, if you feel like buying it and spoofing their campaign. I’d go with something along the lines of “I know I have a nice ass. I don’t need to buy your jeans to make me feel good about myself. Have a nice day!”

  2. eliesheva says:

    Don’t you mothafuckin’ sit down, you mothafuckin’ fatass cracker. Oh, and have a nice ass 🙂

  3. thejook says:

    Well, I guess the RADIOACTIVE SYMBOL that isn’t A LETTER can beget a bit of confusion. It also lends itself far better (worse) to the letter A than it does O. As our resident Israeli here, Ethan, tell me do people actually *identify* with this trash?

  4. Ethan says:

    They would not call it trash. I would not call them people.

  5. ha ha ha ha! I like the impression of the marketing guy….

  6. Daniel says:

    I think that this may actually be an educational campaign by the well-known Crecker company, informing viewers as to how they might come to have a “nice ass” of their very own. “Don’t sit!”, I believe, is therefore only one of a series, which includes such other gems as: “Squat regularly!”, “Massage your perineum, but not in public!”, “Wiggle it (just a little bit)!”, and of course, the spelling-corrected version of the first one: “Don’t shit!”.

  7. Radioactive jeans. Nice.

    Perhaps the “don’t sit” means that we always need to be vigilant and prepared for whatever may come our way. For what it’s worth, I know many women who can’t sit in their jeans, and they’d likely really appreciate a campaign that took this particular pressure off.

    Too bad it’s “Crocker,” I was imagining TV voiceovers by Samuel L. Jackson.

  8. […] Does their marketing department have spell check!? Maybe they thought it was cool to spell it incorrectly? Or maybe it’s the same marketing department that handles the Crocker campaign… […]

  9. Ken Bradshaw says:

    im one of the models from the new Crocker Winter Shoots/Posters.
    Can any one tell me in tel aviv right now any shoots with me ? This on the Poster is the other male model.
    Please tell me

    Here is a link to me

    If Any one find pictures please mail me.
    Or answer here.


    Ken from germany

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