Sparkel Sparkle!

Schweppes in IsraelLet’s talk about Schweppes. I was kind of excited to see this new product in the store the other day. Israel is really lacking in raspberry things…maybe because raspberries don’t really grow here in large quantities or something…but I’ve noticed that this culture isn’t really into raspberry stuff. No assortment of raspberry and chocolate candies or cakes…fresh raspberries in the grocery stores aren’t really existent. That’s ok though — considering the amount of other fabulous fruits that we find here. But sometimes I really want a raspberry something.

Anyway, so I saw this new item in the store the other day and it made me really happy. A raspberry fizzy drink. Nice! I flipped the bottle over and saw this…


What in the world are “sparkeling berries?”

Does their marketing department have spell check!? Maybe they thought it was cool to spell it incorrectly? Or maybe it’s the same marketing department that handles the Crocker campaign

3 Responses to Sparkel Sparkle!

  1. AlmondDew says:

    “Petel” which is the liquidy syrupy stuff that’s been around for ages here in Israel, is the geenric name for syrupy drinks and/or ‘gazoz’ style drinks (flavored soda), but is also the word for ‘raspberry’ in hebrew. And there is a raspberry flavored ‘petel’ as well 🙂

  2. Ethan says:

    you neglected the fact that there are no berry ingredients in this beverage. Unless of course you count apples and cherries as berries. Which I don’t.

  3. varda says:

    i was so flabbergasted when i saw this in my local colbo- how could an international company let their name be sullied with such a mistake?- that i emailed them- and they sent me a gift certificate for 4 free bottles.

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