Don’t you get bored of hearing the same songs over and over again on the radio? Well one thing that makes Israel fun is the complete randomness of the radio stations.


Only in Israel can you listen to Galgalatz and within 10 minutes, hear Robbie Williams followed immediately by The BeatlesRihanna (ella ella ay ay ay)…and concluding with Dana International before the commercial.

You just never know what’s gonna come on next!

Click the logo for a live broadcast and hear it for yourself…

2 Responses to Gal-gal-gal-galatz!

  1. Pigulim says:

    What, are you kidding?
    If there’s an Israeli radio station famous for it’s uber-worn play-list – that’s Galgalatz!
    They are so known to play the same (uninteresting to begin with) songs over and over all day, that it is suspected that a single CD caters to all of their music-playing needs.
    You should thank the lord (Toda La’ez also works) for every song that’s not in the “let’s play ’em the same crap we’ve been playing the last 5 months” list.

  2. Warren says:

    I have heard the same current hit song three times in a single day on Galgalatz, and I don’t spend that much time in the car which is the only place I listen to it, and only when I forgot to take a CD to listen to, so they must play it every hour. As Jill Sobule sings:

    Lucy at the gym
    She’s there every time I go
    And I don’t go that often,
    so she must live at the gym

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