Chinese food?

Sweet and sour chickenSo I was eating lunch today…a plate of Chinese food. Or “Chinese food” as I like to call it in Israel. I guess Chinese food in America is also pretty far from real Chinese cuisine but at least it tastes good.

Anyway, I was eating like a sweet and sour chicken kind of thing…you know, the one with pineapples. This one had pineapples and peppers and onions and a sweet-ish sauce and I bit into it and tasted something bitter. I looked down on my plate and saw that the dish included sliced pickles.

Kid you not.

Pickles in the sweet and sour chicken.

Only in Israel…we love us some pickles over here!

3 Responses to Chinese food?

  1. Liron Newman says:


    The “Chinese” fast food in Israel is mostly pure crap. I assume that here and there you can find good stuff but most of it is just oily gooey crap (Hope I’m not too graphic).

    If you want real, good Asian food, I recommend “Asia” in Herzliya. – – One of my favorite places.

  2. AlmondDew says:

    Radioactive pink eggroll sauce! Nasty!!!!

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