Traffic jam for a coffee

I was sitting at my favorite street cafe the other day when I noticed someone park on the street in front of the cafe, buy a coffee and sit on a bench to drink it. The crazy thing is that this guy parked ON the street. It wasn’t a parking spot. He literally blocked a lane of traffic on the very busy small-middle-part of Rothschild Boulevard to get a coffee. But he didn’t just want coffee, he sat down on a bench to drink it while other drivers were swerving their cars around his. I was so stunned that I took to the street with my cell phone to document the event. click to see each picture bigger

The car

The parked car

Behind the car

The guy sipping coffee while his car is parked IN the street

A jam

One of the many traffic accidents narrowly avoided as his car sits there

The dude

The dude (Israeli)

5 Responses to Traffic jam for a coffee

  1. Guille says:

    And he’s parked right in the middle of a cross-walk!

  2. thejook says:

    I don’t understand — he wanted to drink coffee, so why shouldn’t he? I mean, it’s HIS coffee. The fact that other people swerve around his Chevy Impala (everyone who drives that car is an asshole) is their problem. Just like secondhand smoke, cutting in line, various breed of combinot, and pretty much every interaction with strangers; do whatever possible to maximize your experience in life.

    What a shmuck.

  3. thejook says:

    By the way, that guy’s name is Udi Manyak

  4. Raphael says:

    you can actually report him to the police and get him a ticket.

  5. James Bombed says:

    Israelis only consideration is what they want. I have seen them double park – next to a space. Stop their cars in opposite directions of the street, hence blocking it, so that they can chat. Tell them anything and it is you who has the problem.
    If I had a gun…..

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