It’s Making the Fashions

Here is a typical Israeli line of thinking:

  1. Trick people.
  2. If caught, try again to trick people.
  3. If sued, admit you were tricking people.
  4. Continue tricking people.

This lesson comes to us in the form of Israeli fashion house Versace. Yes, I said “Israel fashion house” because the many Versace stores you see around Israel have absolutely no connection to the famous Italian fashion house that also happens to be called Versace.

I know what you’re thinking – “but its the same name?!” Yes, that’s true. You might even say – “but wait a second, isn’t that going to confuse people?” Yes, that’s the plan.

See number one above for the answer to this mystery.

The kicker to this little story is the sign posted at all “Israeli Versace” stores, as well as in the footer of their website:

Versace closeup

The sign says: “This store is not connected in any way with the Italian Fashion house Gianni Versace S.P.A and the products on display for sale within are not produced by the Italian fashion house mentioned above.”


Here’s a picture of a typical “Israeli Versace” store:

Versace Israel

5 Responses to It’s Making the Fashions

  1. thejook says:

    Ditto for Best Buy, that got sued by the…you guessed it: REAL Best Buy in the US. So they changed their name to Big Box. The Body Shop is also in a similar situation..

  2. Dan says:

    The Best Buy in Gan Shmuel hasn’t changed its name yet.

  3. bazaj says:

    Tell the story of how Pizza Domino got to keep their name and logo even after Domino’s Pizza came to town.

  4. Eli says:

    Often think about this subject as I pass the “versace” offices on my way home from work every day…sure they have found a loop hole here…note the brand logo is different…or maybe Israel has different laws in terms of trademark legislation…(As in lets turn a blind eye) More worried about when they want to go International and find they can’t!

  5. Raphael says:

    In terms of Pizza Domino. They have been around longer than Domino’s Pizza. I checked this. In terms of Versace, that sign is new. In Jerusalem I specifically asked if it was really Versace and they blatantly lied and said yes!

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