Banji Jamping Sommeliers

Premier Cru is a new company offering sommelier services for private events in Israel. Their site is enticing, getting the user to read almost every page and build interest in their offering. We can set aside the fact that Israelis don’t drink very much and, when they do, are not known for their interest in high quality wines. The most interesting part of the site, however, is “The Team,” where they provide detailed bios on all their wine connoisseurs.

In this case, knowing the people behind the company makes you lose any interest in actually working with them. The impression you get is that most employees are students at Tel Aviv University (many seem to be majoring in biotechnology) and are also children of the former soviet union. This is not necessarily the profile that springs to mind when thinking about wine experts you’d invite to your next high-profile private event.

And if you have any doubt, make sure to read Tal’s profile, where you’ll learn that she enjoys “light athletics” (don’t ask me what that means) and “banji.” I wonder if she packs a beg of mashrooms while on her way to do banji.

Does anyone get the impression from the website these people can do what they claim? No references, no real pictures, no stories… just glamorous-sounding mumbo jumbo. And, by the way, all the pictures on the site were taken in a furniture store. After seeing the exhaustive bios, professional make-up job and fancy photo shoot it seems the site is more about feeding their own ego than anything else.

4 Responses to Banji Jamping Sommeliers

  1. racheli says:

    You might have had a valid point up till the point which you referenced to their origin. Obviously there is no way that a ‘soviet biotech university student could know anything about wines. Obviously all wine tasters must be french and middle aged.

    To me, it seems this blog is more about feeding your own ego than anything else.

  2. Jacob says:

    You’re right about my ego but I didn’t say Soviets couldn’t be wine experts… I was commenting more on the whole profile of their people (not just origin).

  3. nicole says:

    and did you see that Vika likes snap link, and for some reason she had her own photo shoot not with the others…

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