About Zabaj

Zabaj is a Hebrew acronym we created that is short for “Zevel Bab’bagaj.” That word is a loose translation of the American expression, “junk in the trunk.” View the full origin of the word here.

Living in Israel as immigrants is not easy. There’s a lot to laugh at and Zabaj is our place to do just that in a light-hearted way.

If you notice native Israelis acting in a funny way, wearing a funny t-shirt, or otherwise amusing you – let us know! You can also read our official “call for submissions page.”

12 Responses to About Zabaj

  1. NL says:

    You guys are hillarious. I’ve just added you to my homepage tabs. HUGE compliment considering my crap-filtering capabilities for email, websites and the like.

    Yalla. Kol haKavod. Be-SI ha Retzinut.



  2. Davida says:

    I love the blog. I usually cry about daily life in Israel, it never actually occured to me to laugh about it. Ingenious!

  3. may says:

    חחח גדולים ^^^^
    i live in israel and youre blog is so funny….:)
    איזה מגניב שאתם ברצינות אוהבים את ישראל…למרות שיש לנו ממשלה חרא 🙂
    i hope you dont mind thet i writing in hebrew it just …how do you say it… אין לי כוחחחח

  4. eliesheva says:

    Dude (s)!

    This is actually a decent collaborative effort. Whatever is holding you back is silly. Get back to writing. Nu?


  5. Aston says:

    I found your website after searching “ivri lider phonetic translation” on Google. Bizarre. But great blog; very funny. Question: might you know a website to phonetic translate hebrew into english?

  6. Hagit says:

    Haha, your blog is funny, actually when I was searching “drive license Israel” and then I discovered your web. I was OLA Hadasha from China, even though I lived in Israel for 4 years, but I still feel the same as what you wrote about that! You have to fight all the things in Israel…inculde big , small things…it sucks, but I sitll love Eretz so much. Enjoy the country!

  7. Jacob says:

    You asked for it, you got it! Now we’re open to all your ideas via our Call For Submissions page – http://zabaj.com/2007/11/13/an-open-call-for-zabaj/

  8. Think you guys could add me to your blogroll. Give me a readover. Thanks for your consideration.

  9. shelly says:

    this is just a personal message to you, if you don’t mind. not a funny or cute thing to put in your blog. i’ve been living here for over 35 years, so I guess my perspective is very, very different. But i think that only when you realize that there are no Israelis who are more “real” than you, that you will start to feel a part. Almost every person you see here was either born abroad, or their parents were born abroad, or “maximume” their grandparents. Israel is yours, for better or for worse, and YOU are an Israeli, for better or for worse. so get out there and influence the things you don’t like! every aliya made a major difference in Israeli culture- no reason that the anglo-saxon aliya should be any different. get out there and make a difference!

  10. yoan says:

    Man, you’re eating too much movies… 🙂

  11. Mayogeofete says:

    Thanks authors for the specified materials, a lot of the provocative data. All good.

  12. nirit says:

    two funny things: Israelis don’t know when NOT to pronounce the L. therefor Lincoln is lin-koh-len, and salmon is sa-lo-mon. I love it!

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