A Tel Aviv New Year

September 6, 2007

For the secular folks in Israel there isn’t really a big focus on saying “happy new year” these days. Instead, they prefer wishing each other that they go conduct sexual intercourse with themselves.

Zabaj and mint tea

June 29, 2007

Today is Zabaj’s most popular day ever! Its too bad we haven’t updated the blog in a while (silly Americans with their jobs, no time to sit around eating humus and smelling like Zatar).

Nana, a major Israeli portal, featured Zabaj.com today in an article about the Israel blogosphere. Hell, our logo (“Holylend”) is even on the homepage right now at www.Nana.co.il.

We expect this to get us some heat from Israelis who don’t like admitting what a funny place they live in. For them, allow us to clarify that we’ve all chosen to live here, enjoy our lives here and actually work actively to bring others here. We’re not just standing on the sidelines making fun of the place. The stuff we’ve written about Israelis, Israeli culture and the life here in general is all done out of love.

For those new to the blog, allow us to highlight a few of our favorite postings:

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March 5, 2007

Due to technical difficulties, all sound files on Zabaj will be offline for the next few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, check out Isreality, the newest addition to our blogroll (following their plug of our “Each kit of tooth thing of the big in simpleton” post).

Shlomo Aboutbul’s Reluctant Rap

March 1, 2007

For those of you who knew Jacob’s blog back in ‘aught 5, this will be a blast from the (dorky) past. Basically, I snuck a digital recorder into my god-awful truck driving course in the army. Hillarity ensued. Made this song:

And now the story behind it… Read the rest of this entry »

Pronunciation, take 3

February 25, 2007

To hitch a ride – “take a tremp”

Subaru (as in the car) – soo-BA-roo

Video – veed-yo

Balloon – bah-lon

Listen – lees-Ten

Shit – sheet

Sheet – sheet

…as we saw last week, with “bitch” and “beach,” Israelis can’t pronounce the difference between “shit” and “sheet” either (thanks to lonleymanofcake for the reminder)

…also, as we saw in part 1, Israelis love pronouncing the silent letters in words (first it was the middle “L” in lincoln and now it is the “T” in listen)

Your momma’s in a cast

February 23, 2007

Remember “your momma” jokes? These are some that Israelis grew up on …

אמא שלך בגבס – your momma’s in a cast

אמא שלך בגהה – your momma’s in Geha (hospital for the insane)

This one’s my favorite …

אמא שלך בקונטרה בס – your momma’s in a double bass (the musical instrument)

What car do you drive?

February 23, 2007

Official Mitsubishi spellingI won’t get into the various stigmas or classifications done here in Israel according to the car you drive. That is a completely separate Zabaj post. However, on top of having to deal with that, since I drive a Mitsubishi (מיצובישי) I also have to hear it mispronounced and mis-spelled a lot, including at the official Mitsubishi garage I take my car to be fixed at.

The most popular is Mitsibushi/מיציבושי (mee-tsee-boo-shee)

Followed by Mitsubushi/מיצובושי (mee-tsoo-boo-shee)

You’ll find it misspelled like this on any and all of the car selling sites including Yad2 and MyCar.

This is so widespread that even in the official Israel Trade & Commerce publications they seem to be making these mistakes, writing Mitsibushi” on their English-language list of Australian car manufacturers.

Is it cuz they associate it with Japan and the word sushi?