Pimping the monies on Israeli news

March 1, 2010

Today was the holiday of Purim, where Jews traditionally dress up in costumes. Apparently, even the guests on Israel’s leading economic news program (Economic Night) dressed up.

Here is a pic of their stock analyst:

Yes, he kept the Israeli Money Pimp get-up on during the whole segment:

And when he was done delivering his pick of stocks for the week he brought out his Christian nun skanks singing “shekel, shekel bill, yall!”

Israeli Big Brother Celeb VIP

March 2, 2009

Here we go! The “VIP celeb” version of Big Brother in Israel is off to the races. You can actually subscribe to a 24/7 live feed from the house! They’re giving a free preview for another day or so and I highly recommend you tune in (channel 20 on satellite provider Yes). So far, from what I can tell, they do a hell of a lot of singing. Israelis love singing! Actually, about 50% of the participants are singers.

Some of the participants include A-grade Israeli celebrities such as:

  1. Yossi Milshtein – famous for being a business strategist who was recently arrested on tax evasion and may or may not be living in his mother’s home. See this article in the Jerusalem Post: Gaydamak adviser posts bail after arrest for tax evasion.
  2. Pnina Tornai – designer of wedding dresses… boasts on her About Me page: “In the last to years Pnina has expended herself over seas: New-York, Los-Angeles, Miami, and Cyprus.
  3. Kochi Mordechai – famous for being the ex-wife of the first Israeli minister to be found guilty on sexual assault charges (Yitzhak Mordechai).
  4. Sharona and Daniela Pick (Pik) – famous for being the daughters of extremely popular Israeli musician Tzvika Pick. Yeah, they also sing:

Check out the official website for more details on the stars.

It’s Making the Fashions, Part III

December 25, 2007

Can it be? Are Israelis actually fashionable?

STREET CLASH is an international style competition between blogs & photographers around the world. At the end, one city will be named best dressed 2007.”

I think we’re all stunned to find that Israeli street fashion blog ILook won! Christmas is indeed the time for miracles.

Thanks to Designist Dream for the heads up.

An Open Call for Zabaj

November 13, 2007

Have you recently been witness to an Israeli being funny ?

Or heard the word “le-com-pel” (“to compile”) ?

Or told the hairdresser exactly what you wanted and been told “no, I know what you need” ?

Or heard a government employee say “sorry, I’m not paid to write” ?

…if the answer is yes, send us an email!

Zabaj is looking for all your funny, quirky, silly stories about life in Israel, dealing with Israelis, their “fashion,” “humor” and “sense” of “entitlement” that is bounded only by their love for hummus-flavored-everything.

If you’re good (meaning you spot Zabaj-worthy content on a regular basis and know how to use a typewriter, or even a computer keyboard) then we want you to become a contributor!

Send emails now! As you would expect in Israel, the pay is not bad… the more quality content you submit the less you’ll have to pay us to post it. Trust us, you get the Value Added Tax back and can then deduct it from your “brooto” as opposed to your “netto” and come out with a great combina! I know someone at the tax authority than can help… his name is Dudu and he works between 1pm and 12:30pm every other Monday, except when there’s a strike or a Prime Minister with an approval rating under… I dunno… 0.0%.

Why I Think University Tuition Should Be Tripled

November 9, 2007

This post isn’t going to be funny. Zabaj readers used to a good laugh, don’t read on after the jump.

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