Israeli Big Brother Celeb VIP

Here we go! The “VIP celeb” version of Big Brother in Israel is off to the races. You can actually subscribe to a 24/7 live feed from the house! They’re giving a free preview for another day or so and I highly recommend you tune in (channel 20 on satellite provider Yes). So far, from what I can tell, they do a hell of a lot of singing. Israelis love singing! Actually, about 50% of the participants are singers.

Some of the participants include A-grade Israeli celebrities such as:

  1. Yossi Milshtein – famous for being a business strategist who was recently arrested on tax evasion and may or may not be living in his mother’s home. See this article in the Jerusalem Post: Gaydamak adviser posts bail after arrest for tax evasion.
  2. Pnina Tornai – designer of wedding dresses… boasts on her About Me page: “In the last to years Pnina has expended herself over seas: New-York, Los-Angeles, Miami, and Cyprus.
  3. Kochi Mordechai – famous for being the ex-wife of the first Israeli minister to be found guilty on sexual assault charges (Yitzhak Mordechai).
  4. Sharona and Daniela Pick (Pik) – famous for being the daughters of extremely popular Israeli musician Tzvika Pick. Yeah, they also sing:

Check out the official website for more details on the stars.

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