Chakalaka Part II: Kojak. Koja…CABANA!!


So…the plot sickens in the search for any reason behind “Chakalaka.” When lonelymanofcake revealed that any single “chakalaka” rotating light put upon a police car was called a Kojak (קוג’ק) (!)…well, first thing’s first I cleaned up the beer I spit on the monitor. And put my pants back on. But I digress.

KOJAK?!! Really? Man. Time for Pinhas & the PCF to back me up again on this one:

…and if you think we’re kidding about all this, check out the Israeli site that will sell you a Professional 12 volt Kojak!

10 Responses to Chakalaka Part II: Kojak. Koja…CABANA!!

  1. Dan says:

    During my time volunteering at Magen David Adom, I learned that during emergencies we operate our “רולרים, rollerim” (light bars) and “פלשרים, flasherim” (strobes).

    On the other hand, I’ve always been puzzled as to why Israeli Police always operate their lights, even the “kojaks” on ‘unmarked’ cars. I’ve heard that it is a relatively new regulation to enhance police visibility, The variously coloured police vehicles with their milieu of semi functioning light systems, if anything, stand out.

  2. thejook says:

    Hey man, nice use of ‘milieu.’ I likes.

    And, I’m a big fan of police making themselves known at all times — nothing I miss less about the US than a cop sitting on a median with his lights off and his engine running clocking people.

    Be happy they didn’t call them ‘flasherS-im.”

  3. Kibalti Fak says:

    You’re one funny jook. My office buddies were all laughing at Koja Cabana

  4. Thanks for the plug.

    I also appreciate the “always on” rule with police lights. Though it gets funny when the “spinners” get lazy and the lights rotate drunkenly.

  5. Dan says:

    True that. Re: milieu – I’m always trying =D

    Though I’m afraid that ‘flasherS-im’ = ?

  6. liz says:

    I can’t believe you put an apostrophe in “things.”

  7. thejook says:

    Well, “first thing IS first” would include the slang contraction represented by “thing’s” if one shortened it…

  8. That Pinhas & the Portuguese Crotch Flu really knows how to jam!
    Are any of their tunes available as ringtonim?

  9. chris says:

    It’s not First thing is first. It’s first things first. I have no theoretical underpinning for what I just stated, but I’m still making categorical statements about it.

    Either which way, the “Always On” thing is not at all good. The reason for this is that it confuses the hell out of people. If, in any part of the civilized world, the police need to stop you or pass you in a hurry, they will turn the lights on and start with the sirens. The lights are my only cue, because typically I have music on at volumes that cause minor earthquakes.

    Now when I see a cop car, I don’t know if I should stop, make a hole or commence driving. It’s just a pain in the ass.

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