Would you like some foul Hummus with your souda?

Menus are funny in Israel. They can translate almost anything into crappy misspelled English words. I say almost anything because some words don’t have Translations. Words like Nana, which is a plant very similar to what we Anglos call mint. The only difference is that this mint is spelled N-A-N-A in English.

This is how our waiter actually presented the specials to us …

Spellcheck this menu please

Our Shishlik Chickens’ comes highly recommended.

Our hummus comes in two flavors, foul and mashroms.

How about some candy after your meal?

And for today only, behind door number 2, we have “deal of salads.”

If you’re gonna type it, you might as well spell check it.
Hell, we’ll do it for free for ya…just post your menu on Zabaj.

*Click on thumbnail for full-sized image.

6 Responses to Would you like some foul Hummus with your souda?

  1. Liron Newman says:

    Was this, by any chance, an Arabic restaurant? These blatant mistakes are pretty rare in Jewish places nowadays (Especially around the big cities). I understand if you don’t want to sound racist or anything, I’m just curious.

  2. I think one of the funniest ones I read once was a menu that had two kinds of drinks – “hot” and “happened” – שתייה חמה וקרה…

  3. Jacob says:

    That is awesome!

  4. dlowbeer says:

    I believe you intended to write: “Click on thumbnail for foul-sized image”?

  5. Eyal says:

    This is obviously an Arabic restaurant, and it’s quite common to find transliteration and spelling mistakes in their menus. While I don’t want to patronize anyone, the education system in Arab villages is unfortunately not as developed as the Israeli one, hence the common mistakes. It’s rare to find those kind of mistakes in Israeli restaurants.

    There are also problems with the Hebrew spellings, like “בלטה סלטים” supposed to be “פלטה” (plate), which originates in the similar pronunciation in Arabic of the consonants p and b (both sound like /b/).

    And by the way, I’m pretty sure Nana is simply spearmint.

  6. Lisa says:

    You don’t have to go to Israel for poor spelling on a menu. It’s amazing how many mistakes can be found on a menu in places like Canada and the US. (Or not, depending on your perspective.)

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